Hunger has many phases and kinds
And can be caused by any of them
Unemployment can really cause hunger
So, too, laziness in life

Bad soil can also contribute to hunger
So, too, timing and poor weather
Or, better still, too much of sun or rain
Anything that is too much or too little is no good

Too much of greediness can really cause hunger
To eat too much or too little too causes problem
When a river is over flooded always it is no good
When sun is too much it can cause drought

There is the hunger for character assassination as a way of life
Hunger to live by stealing also as a way of life
And hunger for individualism, tribalism, families, nepotism
And the steal hunger to always be the major trouble-shooter

There is an acute hunger for rampant corruption in lofty places
There is also that hunger for broad day robbery
There is a strong hunger for deliberate mischief by others
And that hunger to commit crime daily as a way of life

There is also a serious hunger to undermine through lies
And still hunger to willfully mislead others off the track
There is a never-dying hunger for electoral fraud at the expense of others
And the hunger to frame others up or indoctrinate wickedly

Then the hunger to live in fornication in life
And that special hunger for immoral acts in life
And hunger to cleverly reap what others have sown
Burning hunger for monkey-works-bamboo-draws

Hunger to always live off the people with impunity
And the burning hunger to remain in the lofty seat of state power
Hunger for only “I, me, and only me and myself”
Hunger to suppress others to be the only honorable around

Hunger to rise in life and to always shine and keep shining
And that hunger to make others so happy and proud in life
And the hunger for national and religious harmony
Though hateful and revengeful, hunger to be loved and respected

There is still that acute hunger for religious rift
And that which causes blood bath for political power
Some religions hunger for peace and unity; others only for chaos
Hunger for a humble and peaceful family; others to remain single

An acute hunger for the ears to hear just anything or sound
And hunger for the eyes to see just anything or to closes in sleep
Hunger for the nose to smell anything, sweet or not,
And hunger for the hands to just touch or feel anything

The acute hunger, our mouth often put us in, and out of, trouble
Hunger for the body to be warm, cold or to recline in peace
Hunger to mingle happily and in good faith with happy people
Hunger for national peace, unity and economic security

Burning hunger for normal life with the next door neighbors
Some nations have never known a single day of normal life;
Their next door neighbors hate to see them in peace on oath
Some families hunger for kids; others enjoy having a whole lot

Some families and nations have never known internal peace
And such hunger is too strong and burning through out
The tiny red ants really enjoy unity; most humans do not
I know or heard of any who expressed hunger for when to die

Those who express hunger to punish corruption in high places,
And, equally to severely punish nepotism, also in high places
And I mean those who stubbornly fight every sitting government,
Are, as God would have it, the most corrupt in the seat of power

They hunger for the best in exclusivity
They hunger to remain in the seat of state power
Their selfishness, meanness and, hatefulness and revengefulness
Put brakes to national peace and unity and to the people’s pride and joy

Their hunger for revenge is hot;
Their hunger for national peace is too dull
They are too hateful and to cheap
They are too mean and keep grudge only to suppress others.