Cogent information gathered by this paper revealed that a Lebanese Businessman identified as A.M Charif, the owner of the Charif Pharmacy and the Metropolitan Hotel on Broad Street in Monrovia is allegedly duping the Liberian Government of taxes amounting to thousands of United States dollars.

The information indicates that Mr. Charif who also is providing electricity to some businesses and individuals in central Monrovia and parts adjacent always refused to issue receipts to his customers apparently in an attempt to evade taxes.

Sources who spoke to reporters under the condition of anonymity, alleged that the Lebanese merchant collects a little over US$ 80,000 as monthly current bills but does not usually issue receipts as a means to defraud government.

According to them, the Lebanese businessman rents an ounce of current for the amount of US$ 140, but makes it compulsory that individuals taking current from him rent the minimum of three ounces.

They claimed that he  rents majority of the stores on Randall Street  for US$ 15,000 each annually, but when tenants pay their rentals he  issues  US$ 2,000 dollars receipt as a means to cheat the Liberian Government.

Sources  further noted that 90 percent of the apartments and stores in central Monrovia do not have a single receipt to indicate that they are receiving current from Mr. Charif.

They alleged that the Lebanese businessman most often brags that he is giving some officials in the echelon of government US$ 10,000 and the Liberia Electricity Corporation a piece of the pie   to make them  stay  away from electrifying central Monrovia  in order that he continues his profiteering business at the detriment  of the state.

According to the sources, `the assertion made by Mr. Charif that some higher ups in government are being bribed by him is true because some of them know much about the deal.

 When contacted, the Lebanese businessman dismissed the allegation and described it as unfounded and misleading, indicating that it is  only intended to taint his character.

According to him, he is a fair businessman operating within the confines of the Liberian laws. He said it is unfortunate for him to hear that he doesn’t pay taxes to government when in fact he has all relevant documents to prove the contrary.