Death TrapDrivers and passengers plying the route through ELWA Junction via Redlight have alarmed over a reported abandoned tanker truck parked very close to the main road   in a curve in the Joe Bar Community, Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Accordingly, the vehicle is being packed about a stone stroll   from the Zone Five Police Station in Paynesville.

According to the drivers, the truck is packed in a dangerous position thus posing fear in them and their passengers whenever they are approaching the area, especially during night hours.

Community dwellers and business operators within the vicinity   where the vehicle is being packed claimed that it has been packed   along the road for months without any indication of safety signs for drivers to observe.

One private driver, who identified himself as Ben Kandakai, said the position in which the truck is packed is unsafe for drivers and commuters plying the route, describing it as death trap for  owners of vehicles.

He called on authorities of the Liberian National Police (LNP) to see reason and remove the vehicle from such “hazardous” location rather than waiting until   lives are lost before considering such action.

“This is the time for the police to act very swiftly and not to sit and wait until an accident occurs or lives are lost “, he warned.

Mr. Kandakai said it was unbelievable that the police will allow the truck to park in such a live threatening position close to their door stairs for too long without recognizing the danger it poses to society.

Also raising alarm over the position in which the truck is parked, was commercial deriver Andrew Peters, who expressed disappointment over the failure of the police to remove the truck to a safer position. “You know my brother, our people usually wait for something to occur before finding solution, so maybe they are waiting for another tragedy to take place,” he assumed.

In 2012, there were reported accidents when   vehicles reportedly ran into abandoned or broken down trucks packed on the road, especially along the Congo Town- Paynesville route with no safety indicators for approaching vehicles. The late Legal Counsel of the Central Bank of Liberia, Erasmus Wonasue was the victim of the situation.

Prior to the Liberian Civil Crisis, police used to speedily ensure that vehicles that had mechanical fault were pushed off the road, but it appears that the war has made the police to deviate from this professional practice.

Moreover, vehicles that have mechanical problems on the road are reportedly abandoned for hours or days. Some of the drivers even claimed that their repair work is carried out on the road without the police taking any action to write the wrong.