The Sime Darby-Liberia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice on Saturday, February 16, 2013, graduated 250 industrial security officers for the company.

The graduation exercise was held in Gbah Foboi First Joint Security Check Point after the Lofa River in Grand Cape Mount County.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Director for Public Safety at the Ministry of Justice, Col. Jackson F. Mulu, who was the focal person from the Liberian government to carry on the training exercise said the training of Sime Darby security force represents the first ever training batch industrial security from any concession company in Liberia under the supervision of the Liberian Government.

According to him, the government of Liberia has initiated a new model of security training for all concessionaires in the country.

Col. Mulu said the new model requires that the Ministry of Justice provides training curriculum and security training experts as well as supervises the training to a successful end.

He further stated that the security officers will be issued documents by the Liberian government through the Ministry of Justice for the purpose of carrying out any arrests, assert control, investigation, preservation of crimes scene and reports writing, among others.

According to him, the training exercise lasted for more than three months, but also took into consideration the conventional human rights issues, respect for indigenous people rights and preservation, among others.

Col. Mulu also disclosed that the training focused on basic security techniques, physical fitness and good academic output. He said requirements for the training include passing a written test, passing an oral interview, completing medical examination and passing a physical examination.

During the graduation program, ten senior officers were selected by the management of Sime Darby to serve as Chief of Operations for Bomi, Matabo, Lofa GCM and land clearing estates plans, while additional senior security officers were selected to lead the command structure of the entity security force.

Meanwhile, the Deputy General Manager for the company, Rosli Mohamed Taib, has cautioned the new graduates to see themselves as a gateway to the image building of the company, by executing their duties and functions in a distinct way.  

Mr. Taib also told the Sime Darby new security officers that the graduation does not mean they are guaranteed perpetual employment even if they should carry on acts that will run contrary to the core values of the company which is integrity and excellence and loyalty.

At the same time, the Sime Darby Deputy General Manager has called on his new security officers to treat community dwellers with respect at all times, something he noted will serve as better security network for the company’s investments and the community.