Health officials have attributed the influx of chloride patients at various hospitals and clinics in Monrovia to contaminated mineral water being consumed by the public.

According to investigation conducted by this paper, many people are suffering from Chloral and other water borne diseases which have reportedly caused severe stomach complaints and deaths for both adults and babies in communities and other dwellings homes in the city.

Many of the hospitals including the JFK, Catholic, SDA Cooper have complained about the outbreak of water diseases and called on the government to quickly intervene to avoid catastrophes.

A nurse identified as Estella Johnson at the JFK, said in a day, they sometime treat about five to six cases of chloral and other related problems and that sometime due to the condition of the patients they ask them to stay a while.

Many of the nurses blamed the condition on water being consumed by the public especially the water plastic bag which they said it is not properly chlorinated.

When our reporter visited many of the water companies in Monrovia, he observed that many of the wells and equipment used by the companies concerned are not properly being controlled and preserved as a result, claiming that most of the machines are rusty.

In Profile reporter said water companies like Spring Acqua which is located in Jacob Town allegedly does not have a secured environment but the community is buying the water plastic bags for commercial purposes.

A man identified as Keita told the reporter that most of their materials and water chemicals are being bought from Acqua Life Water Company in Virginia while the water wells and pumps are being monitored by the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation in Monrovia.

But, LWSC has denied the claim clarifying that it has not begun the inspection of bore wells in the city.

When the reporter visited Acqua Life Water Company; its Manager, Paulinus Koffi, told the reporter through Exsecon Security that he does not own an explanation to any Journalist, thus giving the reporter to contact the Ministry of Commerce.

Another information gathered by this paper indicates that Acqua Life has become the distributor of chlorine and lime for many water companies in Monrovia, without the knowledge of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation.

It is not clear whether Acqua Life has a patent right to import water chemicals in the country, but sources said the man who won the bid from LWSC to import chlorine and lime in the country, Victor Latey, is incapacitated to supply the chemicals to all water companies in Liberia, therefore Acqua Life is taking advantage of the opportunity.

  A Ministry of Health official said the ministry is not responsible to check for label but only ensures that sanitation is adhered to avoid health hazards in the country.

Water Sewer Corporation authority in the country also said most of the water chemicals brought in the country have not been monitored by the corporation as a result; many of the water companies are using expired substances to purify the water mineral.

LWSC disclosed that it has therefore constituted an ad-hoc monitoring team to identify individuals and business centers selling water and operating bore holes for commercial purposes in and around Monrovia.

Commerce and Industry Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Rufus Neufville, said the ministry has received several complaints against water companies that they are importing sub-standard water chemicals in the country.

The reporter said in his presence, Minister Neufville instructed the Inspectorate Division at MOC to move to Acqua Life and other water companies to conduct inspection on their bore wells and other chemicals in their vicinities.

Reports also said currently, Acqua life Water Company is in contact with some senior commerce officials to allegedly hide all their deals from the public and the press.

Acqua Life Manager Koffi has refused to comment on the matter but through Exscon security, he said his company is not accountable to the media.