Actually, the wedding although survives by the skin of the teeth, and did not date the poor spirit of an abrupt divorce like what once happened, yet it came too close to reflecting a day in the life of a wedding in which the coupled got married in the morning, divorced in the afternoon and committed suicide in the evening. Thank God Almighty that was not the case with the wedding of December 21, 2013.

It all happens on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at the African Palace Hotel, behind the Len Millar High School, Sinkor 25th Street, where the reception of a wedding between Samuel P. Himie and Magdalene M. Molah was planned and decorated to be held.

According to a well-placed source, this whole story in tears as saying, invited guests, well wishers and other holsters were seated awaiting the arrival of the bridal party.

Upon the arrival of the bridal party, while matching in to take their seats, the guests went to receive them. At this moment, the entire bridal party including bride, groom and guests, fell into the swimming pool, when the old pieces of plait wood used to cover and decorate the old pool broke in.

The old swimming pool was right before the bridal party’s tables, within the reception hall. Unfortunately, the bride fainted in the process. The fainting of the bride and almost drowning of those little children, who stood in the wedding, resulted into serious outbreak of cry all over the compound. From reliable source, the African Palace Hotel is located in Mr. Hans Williams’ compound, near the Corina Hotel in Sinkor, opposite Samuel Striker Funeral home, not too far from John F Kennedy Hospital.

During this incident, parents who sent their children ahead to go for the reception were surprised when they lately arrived on the scene and met the area upside down with great outcry; bridal party including the little children who stood in the wedding were all in the dirty water fighting to get out of the hole.

Some family members who narrowly escaped death continue to praise God, that they have something to thank God for during the pending watch night service. “I think, I need to serve God throughout my life, because this thing that missed me near this Christmas season will forever be remembered in my entire life. Can you imagine, the man who was video tapping fell into that dirty water with his camera and a lady also lost her IPod in that same dirty water”, said the source.

Several guests described the hall as a complete death trap, and vowed never to have any more wedding reception in that African Palace Hotel. Efforts made to contact the Nigerian fellow who operates that hotel proved futile up to present.

The reception was later relocated to the church building where the wedding was earlier held at the New Matadi Estate.