Had I continued to bear the melodious soprano tone from childhood, I would surely have sung “My Country 'tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty…”   Now bearing bass baritone, however, refrain of the National Anthem that I had wrongly sung, just as some modern days students continue to do, with “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy joy…..” continuously sung to the end may, may have been precisely what many Liberians may have wished to sing during the turbulent years, although with democracy now setting the records straight by discouraging discord.



   Synonymous to what Louise Barnett describes George Armstrong Custer's mysterious life in which she quotes Horace as saying “Art is long and life is short,” furthered by another interpretation that “the time of spilled blood is short and the entire time for spilled ink goes on forever,” unfolding developments in the country bespeaking the latter can be equated to the new thinking now being gradually adopted by citizens, whether in the public or private sector.   Most times also reminding me of Sigmund Freud, a noted psychologist and psychiatrist, interactions with Mathilde, with the latter quoted as having told her dad “Yes, papa, you always make sense. But you deal in universals, while lone individuals like myself have to deal in particulars, in this case a particular man,” her firm stance at furthering that “I promise. I am a prophet not only of people's pasts but of their futures as well,” paints the exact picture of what many citizens have begun practicing for the good of the country.


   Elated by the unanimity with which many democracy-related institutions have begun offering constructive criticisms when necessary and whistle blowing when all is not well, recent days report to the public that the Unity Party-led government has physically begun making progress in the areas of health, education and road construction throughout the country, considered a FLASH, it only foretells the need for every Liberian to now think LIBERIA in seen true actions and not words, the wishes expressed in Viennese as Alles Gute (may all be good) fits the direction.


   Now appearing what is understood in legal parlance as a “demurrer,” with renowned Attorney Gerry Spence noted to inferringly phrase it as “A man who doesn't keep his word is no man,” and “too much justice is injustice,” the coming three of the first six years tenure of President Sirleaf, in the thoughts of many, may precisely prove what United States Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield terms as “critical”.   Purely socio-economic and repeatedly underscored, it now remains the challenge of each and every Liberian, as well as residents, to critically evaluate their values, beliefs and behaviors to allow the necessary changes to occur, since they truly bear costs and benefits, an adult cannot eat rice by swallowing unless he or she begins by first chewing to soften the grains to allow it go through the throat.


   While it may appear to few that the current leadership may have been slow from the beginning, without consideration for the progress made in other vital areas, the song now being sung is that “you ain see nothing yet; when Jonathan begins to visit upcountry every weekend to enjoy himself, you go know-oh that Iron Lady will shine Liberia.”


   Although with the global financial crisis haunting various economies of the world, allowing world leaders to meet this week in London this week for the G-20 Summit, Liberia's greatest hope lies in the highly anticipated positive decisions that would evolve therefrom, since it has already begun experiencing the slump in the rubber and mining sector. Too young for that my people. We're just coming from 14 years of civil crisis and deserve national reconstruction.   With sharp fall also reported in the price of crude oil, listing the United States, Great Britain, Japan and likely France, the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is right within our proximity has already had its economic and financial experts meeting to craft out ways in keeping their economy afloat.


   These are all big, big things for Liberia now. Rightly suggested by the Liberian leader that the agricultural sector be explored, well, Dr. Chris Toe, this is no longer fun. You need to press forward in having the World Bank begin even little by little, to escape the big one.   Made to laugh by a friend when I told him how I had a relapse of my arthritis in recent days, he shouted by saying “my man, where you've come from with that rich man sickness?”


   Arthritis again? Why not serious backache. But that did not come from the diagnosis made. So is the same with the big financial crisis. Financial crisis affecting areas that Liberians are struggling to rebuild their lives out of?
   Anyway, that should not continue to override the continuing progress being achieved the current leadership. Did I hear someone say Ellen… well, I don't like politics yah!