DEA Director Anthony Souh has left the country for Kampala, Uganda to attend a two-day Drug Demand Reduction Conference. The theme of the conference is “Identifying Priority Programes and Intervention For Improving Access to Comprehensive, Evidence-informed, Ethical and Human Rights Based Drug Use, Prevention Dependence, Treatment and Aftercare Services.” The DEA boss is expected to deliver paper on the current drug situation in the country on the topic: Liberia as Partner in the Global Fight against Drug. 

Speaking to journalists shortly before his departure, the DEA boss expressed happiness over Liberia’s participation in such crucial conference at a time when the nation was seeking sustained partnership in the fight against drug. He noted that Liberia will honor the desire of the international community regarding the fight against dangerous substances that have the potential to contaminate the future of the country. Souh reiterated his hope that a strong drug law would be passed as a means of narrowing the existence of drug and drug traffickers in the country.