“I will suggest to you my colleagues that we proceed in a manner to discuss the constant disrespect this Superintendent has accorded this House and therefore in my attempt to guide this floor so that the decision we make can be one and that we give this disrespectful Superintendent the last opportunity to redeem herself,” those were the exact words of the Deputy Speaker of the House, Hence Barchue, when he pleaded with his colleagues during Tuesday’s session.

The plea by the Grand Bassa County lawmaker who presided over Tuesday’s sitting came following a disruption of the  sitting for nearly an hour after Montserrado County Rep. Thomas Fallah raised concern over what he called the intentional refusal of   Superintendent  Kpahn to carry out the mandate of the House of Representatives.

The Montserrado County Superintendent was mandated by the House weeks ago to carry out several mandates including the payment of scholarship fees for students of the county, restitute over US$50,000 reportedly misapplied from the county development funds and revoke the suspension of the Chairman of the County ‘s Project Management Committee and report documents  to plenary.

Following the concern by the District #5 Representative, majority of the lawmakers were pushing for the living body of the Superintendent to be brought before plenary to show cause why she should not be held in contempt, while few lawmakers including Rep. Edwin M. Snowe appealed for a last chance for the top local official.

Since the mandate was given, sup. Kpaan has on different occasions including Tuesday, failed to appear before the body to say whether or not they have been implemented, something Rep. Fallah said is not just a total disrespect to the body, but  also to the people of Montserrado in general which he said amounts to more than contempt of the legislature.

Montserrado County District #4 Rep. Henry B. Fahmbulleh expressed disappointment as Unity Party lawmaker, claiming that the County Superintendent   would choose to disrespect the legislature.

He disclosed that the County Caucus has resolved not to honor any legislation from the Executive until the issue with Sup. Kpaan can be dealt with, warning that the issue will further derail the cordial relationship if it is not resolved.

He noted that even with the plea by some of their colleagues and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to allow cooler heads to prevail, Madam Kpaan has been on the radio and at other areas discussing the issue and insulting lawmakers.

“She is using surrogate groups to come to us individually to beg, while publicly going outside. We will rally all of the support from our colleagues to deal with the issue and the President will be communicated with the necessary information,” Rep. Fahmbulleh noted.

Some lawmakers also argued that since Madam Kpaan has failed to implement the mandate of the House, even when President Sirleaf instructed her to pay the tuitions of the students which she has failed to do, while the President is not taking any action against her , it shows that the President is in support of her action.

But following a long period of discussion, a motion from Grand Bassa County Rep. J. Byron Brown provided Sup. Kpaan what was termed as last chance to appear before plenary Thursday, or face contempt of the legislature.

All eyes are now on the House of Representatives to know the outcome of its latest warning if Superintendent Kpaan fails to appear before the body.