It has been announced in Monrovia that the Ministry of Justice will shortly be relocated due to structural defects.

 According to Deputy Justice Minister for Administration and Public Safety,  Fredie R. Taylor, the relocation of the ministry will afford employees the opportunity to be efficient on duties and stop roaming the streets during working hours.

Counselor Taylor said the Justice Ministry will be located to Sinkor near the Good Governance Commission.

He said the building has adequate office space than the current structure.

He said the government took the decision based on advice from Public Works Ministry authorities that the current building which is being under leased by government has structural defects and it needs immediate attention.

Counselor Taylor made the disclosure yesterday at the Justice     Ministry during a program hosted in his honor by a group calling itself Civil Society to Promote Peace and Democracy in Liberia for his immense contributions towards the reconstruction of the country.

Responding, he said he was gratified by the honor bestowed upon him by the organization and promised to work assiduously to promote the policy of the Liberian government.

Counselor Taylor said while it is true that the public has the right to critique public officials, it is equally important that the public praises government officials for their contributions.

The former NSA Director said he never knew that the civil society has been observing his activities over the years, and called on his colleagues in government not to be deterred by criticisms but consider them as a challenge to work in the interest of the country.

The Deputy Justice Minister described the honor as an added advantage for him to redouble his efforts in working for the government and the people of Liberia.

Earlier, the Chief Executive Director of CUPDAL, Sensee Kiadii, said his organization acknowledged the hard work of Counselor Taylor over the years thus it decided to give him his flowers while he is alive.

Mr. Kiadii admonished other government officials to emulate the good example of Counselor Taylor in rebuilding war- ravaged Liberia.

During the program, Assistant Justice Minister, Henrique Sackie, praised the organization for its keen observation and said CUPDAL has done no wrong in honoring Counselor Taylor.