Amidst report of Montserrado County District #16 Representative Edward Forh being linked to a recording in which he allegedly encouraged the Superintendent of the County, Grace Kpaan to share over US$400,000 from the County Development Funds, members of the House seem to be getting embarrassed with such news, as Nimba County District #1 Representative, Jeremiah Koung, has stressed the need for a full- scaled investigation concerning the allegation.

The allegation has gone wide in the Liberian media following the airing of the alleged recorded conversation between Rep. Forh and Supt. Kpaan. According to the report, Rep. Forh made a telephone call to Supt. Kpaan requesting that the amount be shared noting that “you eat some, I eat some and the minister eats some.”

Rep. Koung attempted stressing a need for an investigation during Tuesday’s session of the House, but was not given the time to make his point.

 “If it is alleged and tapes are all on the radio that lawmakers especially the Chairman of the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus can ask the Superintendent for money and say you chop, I chop it is a grave issue, because our function is oversight,” Rep. Koung noted in an interview with the In Profile Daily following the day’s sitting.

The Nimba County lawmaker said members of the legislature should make sure that resources that are allocated for projects across the country are used for the benefit of the people, noting that it is important that plenary needs to do something by acting immediately.

Rep. Koung said though the report might not be true, if the House fails to investigate it, the House might be brought to public disrepute, noting that it is the people who elected them and they should not lose the confidence reposed in them.

He then termed as corruption, if the report turns out to be true that the Montserrado County Representative was actually involved into such act.

 “If it is true that the Chairman of the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus called for US$400,000 to be distributed as you chop, I chop that is corruption. If you are the watchdog to be making sure that things are done the right way and people do not squander taxpayer money and you are calling for taxpayer money to be distributed, that is corruption,” he noted.

Last week, Rep. Forh challenged Sup. Kpaan to play the alleged recording so that the public can be the judge, but he has remained tightlipped since the recording was aired.