Rivercess County Senior Senator, J. Jonathan Banney, has underscored the need for national government to make   budgetary allocation for the Liberia Business Association.

According to him, the government should see reason of allocating a specific budget or subsidy for LIBA because the institution is contributing greatly through its fundamental machinery in Liberia’s economic growth.

He said he is convinced that if the government strengthens the private sector which LIBA is a part, the move will enable other private business institutions to function well.

Senator Banney also said due to lack of budgetary support for LIBA from government, the improvement of other businesses in the private sector has been difficult in terms of success.

He indicated that despite the US$5m given to the Liberia   Business Association by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) recently, there is a need for the government to do more by allocating budgetary fund for LIBA.

The Rivercess senator observed that what has been provided the institution is not sufficient to run the business community of Liberia.

He called on his colleagues to join the campaign so that a budgetary allocation can be  appropriated in  the  national  budget  to subsidize  the Liberian Business Association.