Dear God In Heaven:

Before our very eyes the habit of men turning themselves into women through the western culture of homosexuality is being accustomed, adopted and practiced in our society on a rising scale. This habit is said to be earning jobs for most young men in high places both in the public and private sectors.  It is said to be the alternative source of connection by which one’s favor is ensured for position of trust in the society. This habit has and continues to erode the virtue and value of our society thereby undermining our traditional legacy. Lord, this act does not only provoke you to anger as God of morality and purity; it equally contaminates our society and derails the tradition laid down by our ancestors long ago whose fear for you had been overwhelming.

We are therefore bothered and saddened by this habit because it has the tendency to turn our land into a kingdom of sinners in totality. We are bothered and worried because so many young men in our land are being attracted by such ugly practice, perhaps knowing not its dangerous repercussions.

Lord, it is totally absurd when men turn themselves into wives of other men because it is in violation of heavenly will. Men who turn themselves into women merely for luxury provided by the devil through the act of homosexuality abuse their manhood as they only become feminine, if not stupid, in the way they think and act in public. Men of such nature appear like men outwardly, but inwardly they stand for nothing good. We pray against this culture which is brewing in our society because it is the possible short cut to the early graves. Help us Lord, in getting our young men to understand the demonic nature of such culture and avoid engaging into it. We think people should be qualified for jobs through academic qualification and not through one’s willingness to submit to the culture of homosexuality.