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Come to think of it, there’s no bad way to have sex:” it’s an animal instinct, after all, and as long as you’ve got the very basic physiological gist of it, it’s virtually impossible to screw it up. Additionally, it takes all sorts to make the world, so chances are if you have some off-the-wall sexual proclivity, so will someone else in the world.

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You know, we usually joke about bad body odor or BO, attributing it to poor hygiene and the need to clean up, take bath with soda, lime, tide soap or this and that without thinking if the odor is related to chronic health matters rather than the usual body odor as we know it.  If the odor is medical, no amount of personal hygiene care will cure the body problem.

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We put forth our best, thinking that we’d get kudos, applauds, rewards, acknowledgement or some sort of accolade that appeals to our sentimental souls, but then, we meet silence, dismissal, rejection or an attitude that lets you know that you should not have done the deeds at all.

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The issue of personal decorum as it relates to dressing in the workplace is an aged old problem, perceived or otherwise.  It is much more amplified now with the level of mixed generational intersection in many workplaces around the world.  Many worksites today play host to employees between ages 16-75; a potent mixture that sometimes makes interesting forum for social discussions.

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It is an established biological fact that a man must be born through a woman who from his infant stage, is responsible to take full initiative of his well-being until he reaches maturity. This is a law of nature a command given by a superior authority; the lord God almighty.

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